Interior Architecture

Great spaces don’t happen by accident and it is when the details come together that a beautiful room is created. Ideally, our approach to design begins well before the blue prints, ensuring the elegant proportions and details that make the home exceptional. In existing homes, making changes to existing architectural details such as staircases, doorways and other millwork can make all the difference in the look and feel and even the functionality of the home. Jessica works with Kevin, our architectural designer, to bring vision and execution to life.

It’s the details that are often overlooked by builders and general contractors that can truly be the deciding factors in the success of many remodels and new rooms. It’s the doorway that lines up on the fireplace, it’s the chandelier that anchors the room perfectly from every angle, it’s the seamless transition from one room to the next and it’s as simple as the light switch that is in the right place as you walk into the room.

Mudrooms and Bars
Millwork & Cabinetry
Before and After
Building in Progress
Special Details