January 22, 2014

Made by MIAD

I am excited and privileged to announce that my husband David and I are co-chairing MIAD’s 2014 Creative Fusion event!  Naturally, Jessica Jubelirer Design is a proud Sponsoring Partner and our team will work with MIAD student talent to create a visually spectacular night that reflects fantastic design: “Made by MIAD.”

Art and design play a tremendous role in innovation, which is fundamental in the 21st century’s global economy. MIAD’s unique place at the intersection of art, design and technology is important for the college’s students and our community. We are inspired by MIAD’s students, and the creative energy they show in their work, and by MIAD’s passionate faculty, whose hands-on approach enables graduates to engage with the world and strengthen our community. We look forward to an unforgettable evening in the heart of MIAD’s creative studios!

Save the Date: Saturday, May 3 at 6:00 pm