January 21, 2014

A New Website!

While websites may be a dime a dozen, designing one that catches the eye, reveals the unexpected and gets to the heart of the matter quickly is the challenge.  Early on, it was clear that great photography both sets great websites apart from the ordinary and it is also what truly shows our work. On the other hand, I found the key to the design of the website is subtlety with just enough personality to allow the photography to speak for itself: a perfect backdrop for each photo.

newsiteEmbarking on a creative process completely different in format and medium than my daily design work was such fun! I found the details of designing the website not unlike designing a room:  Carefully considered layout, design, color and balance, all assembled to show our work.  In both cases, it’s the attention to the finest detail that brings it all together.

My aim was to start by photographing homes that were diverse in design as well as rooms with striking architectural elements.  Revisiting rooms I know like the back of my hand with a fresh eye for the photograph was a joy.

An unexpected pleasure and sense of accomplishment came together in the detailed process of chronicling our work.  It really highlighted so much of what we do well in a manner that gets to the point quickly and visually.  I found this to be especially true of the architectural details: sweeping staircases, striking fireplaces, intimate nooks, and balanced and beautiful kitchens.  Overall, the process was a great opportunity to step back and reflect on all we’ve created over the past five years. The photographs reveal homes truly unique to each client with common threads of quality, execution and imagination.